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Central corridor kennel with a 3/4 high solid wall with mash panels fixed to the top.

Boarding Kennel Manufacturing

Kennel Suite is the only end to end boarding kennel manufacturer in Europe, employing 162 staff with a wide range of skills. Our manufacturing facility produces 90% of each boarding kennel in house. Enabling us to manage and ensure the high quality of each kennel leaving are factory. 

Kennel Suite over the years has pioneered many firsts, from the first structural self-supporting boarding kennels, through to the sleeping area door walls manufactured from aluminium framed window units and much much more…

Kennel Suite has designed and made the only kennel door specifically designed and to be used within a boarding kennel environment. Our door has a white aluminium front with stainless steel back. The stainless steel back ensures that the door is scratch proof. This door has a dog-proof handle and a barrel lock to ensure you are health and safety compliant. You have the option to add an inspection window; there are further design options, the size and shape of the window. These doors can be supplied within a kennel build or on a supply only bases.

We manufacture a wide range of kennel wall panels to suit your every kennel need. The kennel wall thickness starts at 40mm and goes right up to 160mm. We have a wide range of panel colours; please ask for further details.  

Kennel Suite also manufacture acoustic panels which can be used as part of the kennel wall or roof panels. 

We can also supply kennel acoustic panels to add to an existing kennel, please ask for further details. 

No one boarding kennel is the same, so our site survey service, design, plan drawing along with our flexible boarding kennel manufacturing facility is the best service to build your kennel building. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact via email or phone. 

Boarding Kennel Manufacturing

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