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central corridor Kennels

What’s a central corridor kennel?

A central corridor kennel is a kennel that has a corridor down the centre of the kennel.  This corridor allows access to all sleeping areas that are on both sides of the corridor.  Each sleeping area has a hatch wall with a hatch that’s operated via a pulley system mounted on the sleeping area door wall (within the central corridor). The hatch allows the dog access to the external run areas. You can add a security corridor if required, security corridors run down the full length of both sides of the kennel and at the end of the runs eares, this corridor is designed to stop dogs escaping the run area.

Why choose a central corridor kennel?

Kennel operators select central corridor kennels for their ease of use. The sleeping area access corridors are shorter than the single row kennels, which makes it quicker to operate and reduces the distances walk in a day.

They can be, in specific configurations, cheaper to build.

Who uses the central corridor kennel?

We have built many central corridor kennels right across Europe, with boarding kennels operators been the most significant users along with many government departments and charities. 

What are my material options?

Kennel Suite has more external wall and roof insulations options than any other kennel manufacturer in Europe. This has enabled us to design and manufacture dog kennels for very cold and hot climates. Our wall and roof panel thickness start with our standard width of 40mm which is thicker than our competition, you can select from the following widths, to suit your requirements, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm and 160mm. Insulating your dog kennel correctly is essential, to ensure all dogs are comfortable and that you are compliant with the new commercial kennel regulations 2018, this state that you need to maintain a temperature of 12 degrees. 

You can select any colour for the external kennel walls, and this is first in the kennel world 

Our flexible and state of the art manufacturing facility means we can manufacture virtually any kennel design possible, please contact us to talk us through your kennel project so we can cost it for you. Our manufacturing facility has a fully computerised panel cutting facility to ensure speed of delivery and panel cutting accuracy and quality.  

What’s, are internal kennel fit-out options?

We have three different types of internal fit-outs in our kennel range, our boarding kennel range, pet Hotel range, and an ultra-strong range for the Police, Army, and other service dog organisations.

Please email us your enquiry to sales@kennelsuite.co.uk

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